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Join Tomorrow`s Currency, Today

INITIATIVE Q don't want your money, only to join

Q is a worldwide experiment to dissolve the modern financial barriers of payments networks. They are adopting their own currency. According to economic models, the value of the currency is proportional to its use.

The advantage to joining today is because you will receive a significant amount of value in the future. The early you join, the more Qs they will reserve for you.


What Needs To Happen To My Qs To Get Real Value?

It needs to get as many people as possible to join the network.

It is not a pyramid because it doesn't have any level in deep and you can only accept up to 5 people to your group of people certified by yourself.

Also, there are no privacy concerns. You only need to provide your name and email, that's all.

And because of this, INITIATIVE Q will give you a certain amount of coins in rewards of join and help to grove the network


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